Union Jack Jumper for my favorite British Baby

my darling friend sarah had a darling baby boy back in december.

while it took me 5 months to finish this sweater, i am thrilled with the outcome. it's by far the most difficult piece of knitting i've created thus far. 

Can't wait to see baby Ezra snuggled in his new sweater during long dark months of the UK winter.


Fair Isle knitting is not for the weak of heart.

I seamed up the sides of the flag with a new stitch i learned, the mattress stitch.


Mother's Day Gifts for the Archambault Clan

my cousin-in-law (does that exist?) commissioned me to channel my inner Memere (the Archambault's endearing name for their grandmother) and knit up some towel holders. It was a fun challenge, i've never knit a circle before.  i quickly learned the best approach was an i-cord and then some picked up stiches to created the flap.

Happy Mother's Day!!


Most Thoughtful Thank You Gift...Ever!

this bottle of WhistlePig 100/100 wrapped in yarn just arrived on my desk. Could this be any cuter?  And more importantly is it too early on Monday morning to crack open the bottle?

Good Luck Bridget!!


Coordinating Q Hats for T. Quinn's Nephews



Titania Inglis Fall/Winter 2013 Presentation

I just had the most exciting experience of my knitting career. My work was featured in the Titania Inglis Fall/Winter Fashion Presentation by Milk Made.

Here's how it all began. My friend Titania reached out to me to see if I would be interested in knitting some pieces for her show.  I immediately dropped the 5 other knitting projects I was working on and said YES!

On January 13th, exactly one month ago today, she dropped off multiple skeins of beautiful hand dyed merino wool purchased locally from the Catskill Merino Sheep Farm and shared her idea of long and mini hand/arm warmers.

My first task was putting my ball winder to work and then swatching the yarn to see what size needles and stitch pattern to use. I’d never made thumbs before and was eager to begin. She asked the long warmers be 23” long. Now quick, if you have a ruler near you, measure your arm. Unless you're a model or my tall husband, its not 23"! Model arms are not only incredibly skinny but incredibly long!

What started out at my usual casual knitting pace quickly transformed into a knitting frenzy. I soon became a staple on the couch along side the creative boys of BBH competing  for their title of FIFA champion.   I figure if they can play playstation during working hours, I can knit. Nights and weekends became knit-a-thons. Even Boris the Bulldog understood the pressure and quietly chewed on his bone while I was knitting away. Thanks to my good friend Miranda I realized that trying to knit WHILE drinking whiskey isn’t the best of ideas.

In total I created 6 pairs.  1 pair black and white full arm, 2 pairs black full arm and 1 white pair and 2 black pairs of minis.  Phew!

Today I attended the Titania Ingles aw13 presentation and was so proud to see 6 of the 13 models wearing the warmers. The show looked phenomenal.  She’s an incredibly talented designer.

I had my first glimpse into the pressure and crazy timings of fashion week and could not be more thrilled and proud to have been a part of the show. Congrats Titania!