Whisky Advent Calendar Day 14: Tomintoul 14 Year Old 

Hint on the window: Rich barley oats toffee

An excellent addition to the calendar. 


The Nose is gently bright with some warm fruit and elegant malt with a sweetness that's vanilla and floral.
The Body is nice and clean. Taste some light wood and tropical fruit with creamy oak mixed in. 
The Finish is beautiful, long and structured, creamy fruit and fizzy wood.  This is a very well balanced scotch indeed.






Whisky Advent Calendar Day 13: Balcones Texas Single Malt

Hint on the window: Rich barley oats toffee

A single malt from Texas? Well how about that! It comes complete with mellow notes of sauteed pears and ripe fruit mixed with a lingering toasty malt character. It's not perfect, but a solid whisky from a place not known for it. While the nose was overloaded with fruit, the body was mostly spice and barley without the fruit assault I had been expecting. The finish is hot and long and probably put a little more hair on my chest. Not the richest finish I've had but not the worst either. I'm glad to have tasted it in the calendar but probably won't be buying a bottle for my personal collection. 




Whiskey Advent Calendar Day 12: Evan Williams Single Barrel 2003 Vintage


Hint on the window: Toasted Bread


Really liked this one. Dark in color, full of flavor. It went down smooth, like the first candy cane of the holiday season. I've had Even Williams before, but not like this. I'll definitely have to give this one another try. 



Whiskey Advent Calendar Day 11: Mackmyra Brukswbisky (The Swedish Whisky).

First they made IKEA. Then they made whisky.

Mackmyra Brukswhisky is matured in bourbon casks, then spiced with a special combination of large and small casks: rich sherry and a touch of fresh Swedish oak. There's a light hint of juniper smoke and I swear I can taste a wee bit of Christmas tree in there, too.




Whisky Advent Calendar Day 10: Grant's 25 Year Old

Hint on the window: Caramelized Fruits